MK 11 game of blood shade, violence and gore

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NetherRealm has developed a fighting game of MK 11 which is known as Mortal kombat and it is new version of Mortal Kombat game with more new characters and some of new and advanced features. The game can be enjoyed only online and it occupies 1.1 GB space of users mobile.

As we mentioned that it has some new and advanced features one of them is MK 11 Cheats which can be said useful and helpful for the player who is new to the game. For fighting tips and tricks can be learned by this tool.

3v3 battles of MK 11 game

The game of MK 11 gives the player console counterpart in the game. Here 3v3 fights are quite interesting to play as player can earn XP and improve his fighters with artifacts throughout multiple sessions of the game.

Characters of MK 11

The game has lots of new characters to fight and use. There is one of them Scorpion who has updated look and set of move. There are 11 more characters as can be found in the name of the game itself such as MK 11 Jade, Mk 11 Raiden, Cage and so on.

Multiple faction wars

Player of the game has to fight with and compete with other players in Faction wars and online competitive game mode where player engage with team of other players. But here are more chances to rank up player’s own Faction leaderboard and player earns weekly rewards.

Customize game

Player of the game can personalize and customize the game as per his will. Player unlocks characters and in strength Feasts can customize them. Player has to win battles to show his mastery with as less as combinations of action. Player boosts his stats characters when he unlocks Feats of Strength. And this can be done by using MK 11 Cheats as it is easy to use and rank up enhancer.